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Plants: Mexico's Natural Wealth

The plant biodiversity of Mexico is sometimes hard to comprehend. There are so many interesting, beautiful, tasty, and nutritious plants in different regions of the country that it takes a lifetime to study just a fraction of them.


Mexico is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. That is why it isn't too surprising that it was one of the original regions where major food crops were domesticated and developed. It fortunately still retains quite a bit of the diversity in these food crops as well as much of its wild plant diversity.


Covering latitudes from the tropics in the south to much higher and colder subtropical latitudes to the north, there are many different climates represented in the country. Wet tropics, tropical dry forests, hot and dry deserts, volcanoes, cloud forests, and alpine ecosystems are but just a few. Each has unique communities of plants that are not found anywhere else on earth.

Of course my favorites are in the bromeliad family, but you can't miss the orchids, agaves, cacti and succulents, interesting trees, and many more.

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