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From some of the largest cacti like the Pachycereus weberi (also called cardon) seen above, to the much smaller Mammillaria albilanata to the right, there are many cacti with many sizes and shapes. Below is a nice columnar cactus on the left and Echinocactus platyacanthus on the right.

Cactus, Cacti, and Cactuses Everywhere!

Okay, maybe not quite, but Mexico does have a lot of different species of all sizes--and yes; cacus, cacti, and cactuses are all proper plural nouns for cactus. The cactus family is well adapted to life in many tough niches throughout the country.  We typically think of them as growing in the hot, dry desert--and they do(!)--but they also grow in tropical deciduous forests, oak-pine forests, high elevation forests, and wet rain forests.

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