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Why we do what we do...

The natural world is filled with wonderful and amazing things that are yet to be fully explored, investigated, or understood. When exploring, we not only learn about where we are traveling to and what we are seeing there, but also allows us to better understand what is around us, who we are, and how everything is connected. It is precious to have the luxury to travel and explore, so it is important to share what is seen and learned along the way. The journey, whether to an exotic location or to a scientific conclusion, needs to be shared and hopefully this website can do that for both.

Many people hear about my research and exploration in Mexico and there are usually several questions. Usually the first is safety! And like many parts of the world (and many countries), it all depends on where you are and what you are doing.  But then there are more interesting questions:


Mexico is an amazing country. Large size, diverse geography, friendly people, and absolutely incredible plants! Americans usually don't realize how similar our two countries are, we both are spread out over a wide area that makes many regional differences (climate, geography, food, dress, cultural heritage, etc). What might surprise a lot of people is how at home I feel when out in the Mexican countryside--it reminds me much of the area where I grew up in the Midwest! Friendly people who appreciate a smile and an 'Hola!'.


The botanical richness and diversity is almost mindblowing. There is a reason that it was one of the cradles of agriculture and why so many of our food crops were discovered, developed, and are identified with Mexico. Simply think of food without peppers, corn, squash and beans.


Of course not! Plants were the reason I was driven to begin exploring Mexico, but there is so much more throughout the country that made me fall in love. You can't help but hear the music, taste the food, see the art, and experience the wonder. It is easy to create a tour that will suit many different interests.


The natural wonders of Mexico are hard to ignore. The plants, the mountains, deserts, canyons, beaches, forests, wildlife, and natural resources are part of what make such a lively and diverse culture and cuisine. Any adventure in Mexico can't happen with at least part of all of these features being experienced during the journey. They are all intertwined and can't completely be separated.

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