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Articles and More Information

This section is where the bulk of pictures and information can be found. I have been traveling around much of Mexico for several years and have much to share.  Sometimes just a pretty picture, sometimes more information-heavy articles. Navigate around and join me on some virtual tours of some of Mexico's treasures!

Plants! The First Reason I Love Mexico


Plants are what first drew me south of the border. Plants will keep me busy there for a very long time. ​There are many wonderful and interesting plants that are feasts for our eyes and our mouths.

Mexico is the third most biodiverse country in the world. And any time there is a great overall biodiversity, there will be a great amount of plant biodiversity. My favorite family of plants are the bromeliads, but Mexico is also known for its agaves, cactus, and orchids. Within the bromeliads, Mexico is particularly rich in my two favorites, the genus Hechtia and Tillandsia.

Culture! The Inescapable Charm


The clothing, the art, the food, and the friendly people. Although much is different around the country, you will often be greeted with the same welcoming smile and greeting. The ability to travel around and sample the regional differences that make Mexico so special is a great joy.

Climate and Land


The climates of Mexico are as varied as its land. The combination of the two creates the wonderland that incubated the deep cultures and fantastic cuisines. You feel like you are in different worlds when you go from the warm, dry deserts to the cool and moist mountains, and then again when you enter to low tropics. Different fruits, different flowers, different foods. Every location is worth lingering and exploring.

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