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Very similar to the bromeliads, the orchids have adapted to life in many different climates and niches. The Myrmacophila to the right both has figured out a way to survive growing directly on limestone, but also has special cavities in the pseudobulb where ants can live and help provide essential nutrients like nitrogen!

Orchids of Mexico: Yet Another Treasure!

I have to admit, I am not an absolute orchid nut, but they are amazing to me the way they have adapted and spread so far and wide and filled in many specialized niches just like the bromeliads. And my philosophy of any plant that can survive in tough places with interesting adaptations are always worthy of recognition...and usually where you find one interesting plant, you will find many others in different plant families. So growing alongside my favorites, bromeliads, there are usually other really cool plants like agaves, cacti, members of the crassulaceae, and orchids!

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