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About Us

Eagle Eye Adventures was founded by Andy Siekkinen and encompassed many different aspects. Previously a tour and travel company taking guests to explore the magic of Mexico, it is currently a vehicle to share information and the wonder that Andy experiences in his explorations and research on the Mexican bromeliads.  While no longer organizing tours, Andy is still available for talks and presentations on the botanical and cultural wonders of Mexico for your group or club.



Trained as a lab nanotechnology chemist, Andy has continued his earlier 'citizen scientist' biology work and applied it to the bromelaids of Mexico. Focusing on the oft ignored genus Hechtia, a group of bromeliads that are almost entirely found within Mexico. Along with the discovery of many new species, he has begun a molecular phylogenetic study of the genus using the newest Next Generation Sequencing methods--using the plants DNA to study the evolutionary history and relationships of these plants. Combining the current distribution of the plants with their genetic relatedness we can infer many things about where the plants came from, when they diverged, and possibly how they have moved during different periods of climate changes.


***No tours are planned for the foreseeable future.***


After exploring Mexico and becoming amazed at the biological and cultural richness, Andy began leading small groups to experience these wonders first hand. While Andy's primary interest is in the plants, it was clear there is much more to see and do in Mexico. Food is always of interest and the different regional styles of cooking will never get boring. There is an active fostering of the arts, both modern and traditional. The cultural depth can be seen by the numerous and wonderful ruins and even the methods of artisanal crafts that continue to honor traditional methods.



Whether it be scientific talks about cutting edge genetic research, educational travelogues, presentations on the cultivation of bromeliads, or explanations of bromeliad taxonomy, Andy Siekkinen has been giving talks for the past seven years to groups of all sizes. Many bromeliad and cactus & succulent societies around the country as well as a few international clubs have enjoyed some of Andy's talks. He has also spoken at the 2012 & 2014 World Bromeliad Conference for the Bromeliad Society International, the 2015 Australasian Bromeliad Conferenc Bromsmatta, the 2015 Sonoran Desert X conference in Tucson, and at the 1st World Congress on Bromeliaceae Evolution (BromEvo) in Recife, Brazil.

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